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Transit Technical Services: Construction Survey Specialists in Lloydminster

For over 35 years, Transit Technical Services has been operating in the Lloydminster area, providing contract services to the construction industry. Our highly-trained surveyors have worked with many different contractors and land developers to ensure that their site construction needs are met, whether it’s for underground utilities or aboveground infrastructure.

We provide all the layout requirements for buildings, utilities, and site grading as per the design drawings, with ongoing verifications during the construction phase. Industrial surveys require a very high degree of accuracy, utilizing specialized equipment, such as a 3D laser scanner for asbuilt documentation or high-precision electronic levels for setting machine bases or equipment.

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About Us

Since 1986, Transit Technical Services has focused on surveying construction sites in and around Lloydminster, while establishing great relationships with our clients. We have four employees on staff with an in-house technician’s diploma in surveying as well as an engineer technologist in training. On every project, our primary focus is to provide our clients with a prompt and reliable service from our knowledgeable team.

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A Letter from Our Owner — Morris Freeston, C.S.T.

Over the past 35 years, I have been the owner/operator of Transit Technical Services Ltd., and during this time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many contractors and developers in the construction industry. As a survey technologist, I have been involved in many different types of construction projects that have required the use of various survey instruments, including a total station, GPS, electronic level, and 3D laser scanner. The data that was generated for layout on these projects was computed using AutoCAD Civil 3D software to utilize the engineering files and drawings for each particular site.

Some of these projects were for the construction of schools, commercial buildings, subdivisions, parking lots, and industrial equipment infrastructure. The layout points for the grade beams, anchor bolts, foundations, and underground utilities had to be computed using the engineered drawings in AutoCAD Civil 3D. This information was then uploaded to the field computer and staked out for the contractor in the field. The use of this software has given me the ability to generate this information for whatever type of construction project the developer or owner wants to build.

During the construction phase of any project, we like to maintain a continuous dialogue with the contractor and owner to allow for the proper timing of the survey layout, monitor the progress, and address any issues in a timely manner that eliminates any slowdown in the workflow.

—Owner of Transit Technical Services

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