Transit Technical Services: Construction Surveying — Lloydminster & Area

Over the past 35 years, Transit Technical Services has been involved in different types of projects for construction surveying in Lloydminster and surrounding areas that have included many of the following requirements:

  • Topographic surveys & plans for site design requirements

  • Providing an underground utility line location — preconstruction

  • Setting up horizontal/vertical control monuments on site for project reference

  • Layout of grade beams, foundations, & anchor bolts

  • Creating volumetric surveys & computations of cut/fill volumes, including stock piles

  • Offset layout staking & grading the cut/fills for underground utilities & piping

  • Layout for municipal road construction as per the contractor’s requirements

  • Finalizing data reports & as-built documentation of required infrastructure

If you require site construction surveying, turn to Transit Technical Services Ltd. We offer professional and experienced construction surveying in and around the Lloydminster area. With us, you will have experts plan and lay out the design requirements for your new site, roads, or buildings in a way that best suits you and your contractors’ needs.

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